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2023년2월20일~ 3월20일은
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Nearby 200 enamellers from 24 countries with 175 selected works.
gallery2020  2007-05-12 19:12:12, 조회 : 6,656
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Dear enameller:
The organization of VIIth International Exhibition "El M?n de l'Esmalt" (MECS-Salou) wish to express their thankfulness for your participation in the event to increase interest of art of enameling. Due to the quantity of participants from 24 countries the selection of works has been very strict, keeping in mind not only artistic or technical criteria, but also formal approaches where the representation of human figure is interpreted clearly in nude.

Nearby 200 enamellers from 24 countries with 175 selected works.

We are also very pleased informing you that you are one of the selected artists to be represented in the exhibition with the works : N?   1.

We remember you the deadline of 20th of may 2007 for the arrival of these works to Salou address, not Barcelona (see regulations). Please wrap well and avoid customs clearance. Use normal mail as a letter if possible, or parcel not mentioning value. Thanks.

PS: The jury can cancel the selection of works with not good technical quality or not according with image sent.

Cordialment,                                     Cordialmente,                                          Sincerely yours,

C.I.D.A.E .


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