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2018년 연구소 개강은 3월부터입니다.
강의 시간
목요일 또는 금요일
오후 2시~ 오후 5시
매월 2번째 목요일은 휴강입니다.

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It will be wise to start this workshop with some tests to find out how separation enamel works, so that you may know approximately what to expect.
I suggest the following tests.
Two coats of enamel:
1. Cover a small piece of copper with a soft flux(# 2007) Fire at 섭씨780도(2 minutes)
-Clean the edges of the copper
- Put a thin layer of transparent enamel on top. Fire again (same procedure as above)
-Put some small dots of separation enamel, mixes with water and a few drops of
klyrfire, at regular distances from each other on part of your work and 2 or
three parallel lines on the other side. Let it dry. Fire again, this time 3 minutes at 섭씨780도
2. Follow the same procedure, using a medium firing flux (#2030)
3. The same again, but using an opaque white base coat i.s.o. the flux (# 1030)
4. Follow the same procedure now using three coats of enamel, opaque or transparent.
Make your own design, following directions under a, b and/ or c.
For these tests I advise you to use contrasting colors.
a.        First coat : flux #2007,# 2030 or white 1030, 2nd coat: thin layer of opaque enamel
3rd coat: thin layer of transparent enamel
b.        First coat: see choices above, 2nd coat: thin layer of transparent enamel
3rd coat: thin layer of transparent enamel


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